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wedding trailer

Wedding Trailer

A wedding trailer is a short video that captures the essence of a couple’s special day. It is usually two to five minutes long and provides a brief overview of the wedding day events. A wedding trailer is often used as a teaser to promote the longer wedding film, which typically features more in-depth coverage of the wedding ceremony and reception.

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alternative wedding destinations in Greece

The 5 Alternative Wedding Destinations in Greece, that you propably never heard of!

One thing is sure- Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to get married to. And one other thing is sure – Mykonos and Santorini are not the only wedding destinations that Greece can offer. These islands are undeniably unique and can offer you a plethora of activities. But it would be unfair if we only choose Mykonos and Santorini for wedding ceremonies.

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wedding montage

5 tips to choose the best wedding videographer in Greece

As we all know, the wedding day is probably one of the most important days in the life of those who wish to get married. For this reason, the preparations and the whole organization can certainly increase the anxiety levels during that day. So, it makes sense that the “main characters”, i.e., the bride and groom, cannot remember all the details that made their wedding special, due to their stress.

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Traditional wedding in Santorini

Georgia & Nikos

Love unites people, creates deep emotions, and builds memories for a lifetime. Georgia and Nikos are a couple deeply loved. A love that became the reason to unite their lives in the presence of their loved ones. Their wedding was a traditional one and at the same time romantic, having the wonderful Cycladic Island of Santorini as a background.

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Wedding movie with your best memories

A wedding film or simply a movie?

Two people decide to share their life journey holding hands. Is there anything else they need? Just a little bit of love, madness, mutual respect, understanding and enough patience. But, last but not least, also the wedding videographer of their dreams. Your wedding videographer is the one who will keep the memories of your wedding day alive. Your wedding video will be where you will return again and again through the years! So, why not make it a wedding movie?

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Wedding videographer In Corfu

Wedding videographer in Corfu shares the wedding film of this lovely couple. Their wedding could not have had a different filming location but the noble island of Corfu!

Tatianna and Jeremy chose the jewel of the Ionian as the spot for their destination wedding. On a sweet day of June, they traveled all the way from England to experience their wedding day as they had dreamed of it! We were next to them, following their steps towards their common life, with discretion and respect for their privacy.

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