Wedding Destination

Choosing among many “paradises” and ideal destinations for your wedding, can be really hard! However, deciding to elope to a magnificent Greek island, can be the unquestionable base to build on your dreamy days! The blue of the Aegean, the gold of the Ionian coastline, the magnificent Greek sunlight. The beauties of the natural landscape that surpass the craziest imagination. All of the above will set for you an extraordinary scenery!

Your Wedding Videographer / Cinematographer

Focusing on your personal love story, Alex Stabasopoulos is inspired by the enchanting Greek colors, sounds and aromas. Combining these together he creates the film of your special, beautiful moments! First of all, being for many years a qualified videographer, he owns a variety of specialized skills as well as the appropriate technical equipment for your unique wedding video. Furthermore, his anthropocentric model of work is the guarantee you seek. Finally, his aesthetic quality is based on the simplicity of beauty, in touch with the stardust of a love story!


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