Alex Stabasopoulos – Videographer

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved working with the camera. I wanted to capture the life exactly as I saw it. So becoming a videographer was not a random choice at all. From a young age I focused on the details and the particularities of each landscape, face, etc. Videography was therefore a one-way street for me! My passion for this job is unlimited, and the satisfaction I get from the positive comments of my clients is the driving force and the reason why I have continued for 14 years to be by your side on the most important day of your life. At your wedding day. And thank you for that.


Your Wedding Videographer / Cinematographer

Focusing on your personal love story, I am inspired by the enchanting Greek colors, sounds and aromas. Combining these together I am trying to create you the film of your special, beautiful moments! First of all, being for many years a qualified videographer, I have gainde a variety of specialized skills as well as the appropriate technical equipment for your unique wedding video. Furthermore, I have an anthropocentric perspective of life, and that is the model that i am stick to and to my work. Finally, my aesthetic quality is based on the simplicity of beauty, in touch with the stardust of a love story!

It will be my pleasure if you take a look at my work here!

If you want me to be your special wedding videographer, do not hesitate to share your vision with me, and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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