1. What are the delivered videos?

I will create 4 separate tailor-made videos for you such as the film, the trailer, the speeches movie and the cut scenes (like cinema movies bloopers). The film duration depends on how long the ceremony is and on how many hours/days the whole event lasts. In any case, feel safe that you will not lose any scene. Usually, the length of the film is about 20-70 minutes long and the trailer is approximately 1-3 minutes as all the trailer samples I provide at my official website Alex Stabasopoulos. To keep a flow on the film, you will receive the speeches separately. Cut scenes are the funny moments of that day that cannot be missed!

  1. Do you offer photography services?

I am great believer of expertise, for that cause I only provide video coverage. However, I have worked perfectly with several photographers so I can recommend you some options that will suit with your style, or you can choose whoever you prefer. Fortunately, I can perfectly collaborate with them, without hindering their work.

  1. What equipment do you use?

In order to bring you the highest quality possible, I have chosen cinema cameras such as the Blackmagic Camera as my main camera, a drone for aerial videography and a variety of lenses. When it comes to audio, I receive it from at least three different sources. From an audio console, from a lapel (lavalier) microphone, and from a microphone that is attached to the main camera (film boom mic) and isolates external noises. Lastly, I always bring backup equipment for safety reasons.

  1. Is travel/accommodation included in your pricing?

The travel expenses and the accommodation are included in my pricing list. So, you can be assured that there will not be extra or hidden costs. Everything will be crystal clear at the agreement.

  1. Do I select the music in my films?

My main concern is to offer you a unique video that will satisfy you. Of course, you can choose your own music. Taking that into consideration and getting inspired by you and your unique celebration, I will be very happy if I have the creative freedom to select the best footage and music to tell your story in the best way!

  1. When will be the final delivery?

I always want to bring you high quality videos, and to make sure that will be no delay, the delivery time frame is 2 to 6 months. However, it is possible to get a taste of your video with an Instagram version video, which actually is an extra trailer, and will be delivered 10-15 days after the wedding.


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