Traditional wedding in Santorini

Georgia & Nikos

Love unites people, creates deep emotions, and builds memories for a lifetime. Georgia and Nikos are a couple deeply loved. A love that became the reason to unite their lives in the presence of their loved ones. Their wedding was a traditional one and at the same time romantic, having the wonderful Cycladic Island of Santorini as a background.

An island with brilliance and warmth that captivates the visitor thanks to its special energy.

An energy that comes from the rays of the wonderful Greek sun! They spread like a caress on the embossed landscape of the island, creating a veil of euphoria. And at the same time, the wonderful blue of the Aegean embraces the island. Giving a sense of security and freedom at the same time.


And this is how you may think to escape your everyday life for a while. Take a break choosing Santorini to live your own love story. Just like Georgia and Nikos! The beauty that Mother Nature has given to the island surrounded this traditional Greekwedding as well! The variety of landscapes is special and admirable. The volcanic rocks, the endless variety of colors, the lunar landscape, all together create unique scenery. The ideal one in which I had the chance to record with my camera the memories of two people who are truly in love!

It is the warm aura of a house in Santorini and the people who live in it that attract the visitor. Houses built one so close to the other that they seem to support each other. Just like the lives of the people who inhabit them. Strong human ties with power and substance. A harmonious coexistence that takes you back in time and reminds you why social coexistence offers joy to the heart. In a way, the characteristics of the island bring the visitor close to his own existence. They are reminiscent of the meaning of life. And that’s love! A love that motivates and makes your life full of human moments, such as the marriage of the couple. Friends and relatives were at their side. Following traditional paths and habits. To remind them that in joys people must be together. To revel, to rejoice, to hug.

Traditional Customs and Celebrations

The couple began the celebration with a traditional custom: the laying of the couple’s bed. According to tradition, on that day relatives and friends gather at home, in the couple’s bedroom. There, the single girls lay the bed with beautiful sheets and covers that show the taste and skill of the bride. This custom has many dimensions. Practical and symbolic. The guests, on the one hand, offer their gifts as a help to the couple to start their common life. On the other hand, with the rice they throw and the dancing they set up around the bed, they wish the couple to live together forever. Happily, and deeply loved.

They also leave a small child on the bed to lie down as a wish for them to have their own children and for their family to grow up. And of course, after this ritual, dance, food, and feast follow till the morning!

Traditional wedding in Santorini

The traditional customs met the style of the couple and the result was special. Because there are no rules about the perfect marriage. Only your heart can tell you what the perfect choices are. That’s why Georgia planned her wedding on her own with pleasure and love. She trusted people and brands that matched her unique style. She chose her wedding dress from Demetrios Bride. A romantic wedding dress, adorned with lace all over its surface. A gown that made her stand out and show off her beauty exactly as she deserved this day.

Bella Damigou and Renia Bledaki had the same motivation for taking care of her hair and makeup. The natural shades of makeup perfectly matched the bride’s romantic lighthearted wavy hairstyle. Yamamay’s underwear gave comfort and confidence to her presence. Her bridal image was complemented by the handmade shoes of the company Bilero. Georgia in the stores Noi Santorini and Serendipity Santorini found the accessories that helped her to make every detail of her appearance unique!

Nikos, with a constantsmile

seemed to enjoy every moment of this experience. His suit and shoes from the fashion designer Dimitris Petrou made him feel very comfortable. And why not? The design and the color perfectly emphasized his charm! And since memories are not just color and emotions, Georgia chose to wear her favorite Jean Paul Gaultier Classique perfume on this special day. Nikos, on the other hand, with a preference for a male scent of Lacoste, made sure with his unique aroma to create wonderful memories for his wife.

The company Tsaldaris took care of the couple’s unique invitations for that day, adding their special signature. Wedding Wish was responsible for all the wedding flowers. Flowers in pink, purple and white hues, added a special romantic touch to the couple’s traditional Greek wedding. Roses and hydrangeas offered aromas and images of a bygone era, like a dream taken from the book of a romance writer.

Each detail was carefully selected. The image of the couple was impeccable, but how could it not be? Apart from the external elements, the love that unites them was evident in their every move, every look. I am sure that through their video that they will watch over and over again in the future, they will remember with nostalgia the moments of this special day. Moments with love, humor, and emotion. Because that’s how life is.

The “Fiesta” of a Traditional Wedding in Santorini

Everyone enjoyed every minute, just like at the reception that followed at the Santorini Arts Factory. A very special place with special energy. A place that in the 19th century operated as a tomato paste production industry and today hosts various activities and a museum. Its architectural structure, its history, and its geographical position make it unique. The reception was a beautiful experience, with fun, joy, dancing and a lot of enthusiasm! The beautiful sweets and the cake from Anna Patisserie gave with their taste the sweetness that this day demands. While Mario Catering company created special tasty memories for the guests and the couple!

And of course, marriage without dance and music in Greece is not a marriage! They are essential for a traditional greek wedding. That’s why Nikos Xatziioannidis, Vasilis Taskoudis, and Louis Vlahakis made all attendees have fun with their souls. Vendor Art Lighting was responsible for the lighting and the sound of the evening, taking the experience to the next level! Also, apart from the video I, Alex Stabasopoulos, edited, the couple will have the opportunity to preserve their memories with great photos. Vangelis Photography knows the secrets to highlight the moments they deserve!

Santorini: Countless Ways to Enjoy Your Moments!

For the Greeks, the wedding is a celebration that lasts many days! That’s why the couple chose to make a small excursion to the beauties of the island along with loved ones. The recipe for success? A sailboat, beloved company, good mood, the Greek sun, and the beaches of Santorini. They swam together in the beautiful waters of the island and enjoyed the images that the route with the sailboat gave them!

I feel excited because with my camera I witnessed this wonderful experience! Happy faces united by love in such a beautiful and special island, Santorini. I wish from the bottom of my heart to live happily and fully in love!

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