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5 tips to choose the best wedding videographer in Greece

As we all know, the wedding day is probably one of the most important days in the life of those who wish to get married. For this reason, the preparations and the whole organization can certainly increase the anxiety levels during that day. So, it makes sense that the “main characters”, i.e., the bride and groom, cannot remember all the details that made their wedding special, due to their stress.

With a wedding video this problem can be solved. You can re-live that day by clicking the play button as many times as you want! For that reason, hiring the best wedding videographer in Greece is the wisest choice!


In this article you will find out what are the most essential charecteristics that the best videographer in Greece must have.


So, how do I find the right wedding videographer?



These are 5 characteristics that you should seek around when you are trying to find the best wedding videographer in Greece.




As we all know, the wedding video is happening probably once in a lifetime. So the videographer has only one day shot, in order to create you the most tempting wedding video. When a videographer has been extensively involved in wedding videography, it’s guaranteed that he will have the right knowledge to cope with any challenge that he will be called upon to face on the wedding day. For that reason, the best wedding videographer in Greece surely may have a lot of experience.



A high-quality video demands and a high-quality equipment. As a wedding videographer in Greece, I use only cinematic equipment such as my main camera, which is the Blackmagic cinema camera, in order to film with highest quality possible. A DSLR camera will be great for simple videos and photos, but for your wedding video you will definitely need a professional camera, special designed for cinematographic videos and the abilities of the best wedding videographer in Greece.



As we all know, that day is very special, and you certainly wouldn’t like to be directed by a “movie director”. The bride and the groom are not actors, and the videographer is certainly not a director. A good videographer should let the couple and their guests act completely natural, and capture all their spontaneous moments. These small details are what will make your video unique.



The best wedding videographer in Greece must be able to collaborate with all the factors of the wedding and not hinder their job. Especially, the cooperation of the videographer and the photographer is extremely important, because they are the ones who will immortalize your special moments forever.



Every person is special, and every character is unique. For that cause, the best wedding videographer in Greece, will have to be able to recognize the uniqueness of each couple. In other words, he must escape from the “one size fits all” standards and create tailor-made videos, adapted to each couple individually. If you observe all the films that I have created, you will understand what I am talking about.



Sounds tempting?

So, if you are looking for a wedding videographer in Greece who has all the above characteristics, then Alex Stabasopoulos can definitely be considered the best wedding videographer in Greece. What characterizes him, is his ability to capture in his videos the style and the aesthetic of each and every couple. The music, the shots, the colors and the editing, are each time a new challenge that I have to undertake in order to convey what happened at your wedding day.


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