Wedding videographer In Corfu

Wedding videographer in Corfu shares the wedding film of this lovely couple. Their wedding could not have had a different filming location but the noble island of Corfu!

Tatianna and Jeremy chose the jewel of the Ionian as the spot for their destination wedding. On a sweet day of June, they traveled all the way from England to experience their wedding day as they had dreamed of it! We were next to them, following their steps towards their common life, with discretion and respect for their privacy.

Corfu, aristocrat yet romantic

The island of Corfu diffuses an aristocratic feeling with all its palaces and the fortresses. The breeze of romanticism that cools the paved slopes and arched galleries, made this wedding movie reminiscent of an historical film!

The wedding ceremony, which took place in a verdant scenery, was touching and full of love! The beautiful couple, along with their beloved guests, began their wedding journey with the most intense and warm looks. Hands being hold tenderly and all senses focused on these wonderful words: “Cherish the touch, for you touch not only your own, but another life. Be sensitive to its pulse, seek always to understand and respect its rhythm.”

And the groom kissed the bride, and they walked together in a rain of rose petals, as befits a fairy-tale wedding movie, in Corfu!

Wedding videographer In Corfu

Friends, smiling truly and deeply, but also in a teasing mood, offered little surprises to the newlyweds. Be sure that they sparked a super funny and crazy wedding party! In other words, everyone was dancing and having fun! They shared the joy of Tatianna and Jeremy on their wedding night and had the time of their lives themselves!

The two of them, worthy protagonists in their own love film, were inspiration for wedding videographer in Corfu, Alex Stabasopoulos. Our team’s special gift to the wedding couple, with all of our love, is their wedding video. Our very own contribution to their future memories!

Tatianna and Jeremy, we wish you a happy life with loads of love and lovely adventures!

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