A wedding video in Santorini for Nicoletta & Yannis

Even before Yannis and Nicoletta knew it, their fairy-tale in Santorini had just begun! The two of them met at the gem of the Aegean Sea. It was a summer night, at a bar in Fira. That was the beginning of an explosive combination and empowering erotic energy! All of it captured in their enchanting wedding video in Santorini!

September weddings in Santorini are always a good idea!

A sweet September afternoon afterwards, found them in Santorini preparing for the first big day of their common life. They invited their loved ones for the necessary help in sharing their joy. In addition to that, they shaved the groom and helped with the bridal preparations! All this time,  Alex Stabasopoulos’ cameras were there to observe them discreetly!

In this lovely wedding video in Santorini, Nicoletta, the bride to be, gives us her bright smile while she tries to hide her anxiety. She enjoys every moment of her wedding day which is exactly as she had imagined it! The bride’s dad delivered the girl with a single claim from the groom: “to love her” and gave them his blessing. The monastery of Panagia Episkopi was in a festive mood for the occasion and embraced the couple’s love! Moreover, the Greek light made sure to save the most beautiful colors for this wedding video in Santorini! The sea, the sky and the earth of Santorini, took over the palette. Ultimately, the soft orange of the famous sunset seemed to become one with the wonderful blue of the Cyclades! A unique sight which became the dramatic backdrop to this stunning wedding video!

After that, full of love and romanticism, the couple returned to its roots for the wedding party. Tango bar filled with memories! Nicoletta, with her musical choices, competed her husband on the decks and there was lots of  fun and dancing everywhere. Without a wedding dress, it could have been a crazy holiday night with friends, overlooking the stunning Caldera! However, the fairy-tale has its rules and it has to end with the wedding of the protagonists!

Our wish for them is to live happily ever after and enjoy themselves as much as they did on their wedding day!


    Alex Stabasopoulos © 2019 - Wedding Video