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Wedding videographer in Mykonos

Love does not distinguish people.

It does not take into account the gender, the origin, the language and all that can bring our hearts to a distance. On the contrary, it always unites different people.

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Traditional wedding in Santorini

Georgia & Nikos

Love unites people, creates deep emotions, and builds memories for a lifetime. Georgia and Nikos are a couple deeply loved. A love that became the reason to unite their lives in the presence of their loved ones. Their wedding was a traditional one and at the same time romantic, having the wonderful Cycladic Island of Santorini as a background.

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Wedding video in Amorgos

A Fairy-tale Island Wedding Video in Amorgos, Greece!

Looking for inspiration? Here’s a wedding video in Amorgos taken straight from the pages of a modern fairy-tale!

This fairy-tale island wedding video in Amorgos, Greece captures a romantic fairy-tale wedding in Greece. The ideal locale can be hard to choose. However, Ellie and Dimitris knew exactly what they wished for. They dreamed of paradise beaches, breathtaking sunsets and the blue and white colors of Greece. As a result, here’s the perfect backdrop for a fairy-tale wedding video!

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Your wedding videographer in Greece!

Did he kneel down with the engagement ring in front of you or simply hugged you? Did he look deep into your eyes? What about her? Did she well up or did she laugh? Anyway, you knew she was happy when she kissed you and felt more in love than ever. This wedding proposal was really as unique as your love story was. Simply put, this how most of our wedding fairy-tales begin. There no fairy-tale though without a narrator, your wedding videographer in Greece!

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Wedding Videography in Santorini for Manolis & Rania

A mesmerizing wedding movie in majestic Santorini!

“No, I do not regret anything, because my life, my happiness, are starting today with you!” We would add “With our wedding, here in Santorini!”.

In this wedding video, the soundtrack had to be as emotional and erotic as the eyes of the beautiful couple, who entrusted the memories of their own special day to “Alex Stabasopoulos wedding videography“.

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Wedding video in Zante (Zakynthos)

The date is September 1st, 2018 and I have just finished the shooting of a special, unusual and wonderful wedding. I am relaxed, enjoying the view of Lake Keri in Zante, and I am thinking that the Wedding video in Zante I’m going to make for this amazing couple should match this energy! But let’s say more about our wedding couple!

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