video Santorini

Elegant and captivating save the date video in Santorini!

Skipping the stationery for the Save The Date and opting for an atmospheric save the date video instead?


It is always a good idea to skip the traditional paper and save the date. Why not opt for a save-the-date video in Santorini? For our lovely couple, Eddie and Cansu, an epic save-the-date video in Greece was a perfect choice! They invited their guests to be part of their unique wedding day, with a save the date video in Greece. The location was not hard to choose. From all the islands of Greece, Santorini ticked all boxes. In addition to being dreamy and elegant, Santorini also matched the theme and style of their wedding.

The Save-the-date video was filmed in the traditional whitewashed villages of Emporio, Pyrgos and the picturesque El Viento Santorini windmill. Above all, the idyllic colors of the famous sunset of Santorini made this save the date video unique. It captured all the elegant and luxurious details in white tones along with the blue and white scenery of Santorini.

Sentimental and romantic, the save the date video that follows, invites the guests to a mythical and adorable love story. Take a glimpse into a beyond gorgeous wedding that is to follow in the weeks to come, also on our Instagram account. Are you dreaming of your own, out of the ordinary, save the date video? 


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