Wedding Videography in Santorini for Manolis & Rania

A mesmerizing wedding movie in majestic Santorini!

“No, I do not regret anything, because my life, my happiness, are starting today with you!” We would add “With our wedding, here in Santorini!”.

In this wedding video, the soundtrack had to be as emotional and erotic as the eyes of the beautiful couple, who entrusted the memories of their own special day to “Alex Stabasopoulos wedding videography“.

Manolis and Rania chose Santorini for their wedding day. Santorini, the gem of the Aegean Sea, electrified their moments with her explosive energy and made our shots take off!

This love story had it all! Romantic love, carefree like our childhood, with the stunning backdrop of Santorini. Fiery when our two protagonists touched each other in front of the world’s most famous sunset! Their wedding video in Santorini could be nothing less than combining the old and the contemporary. A somehow vintage video, with the aesthetics of black and white films, but also extremely contemporary with the superb quality of the 4K resolution!

How long does it take to prepare for the best day of your life in Santorini?

The preparations of the bride and groom took place among laughter, flowers and love. In addition to that, the blue and white colors of the island took over Alex’s frames! Following the Greek wedding traditions, the melodies of lyre and violin accompanied the couple and their wedding party in their walk to the whitewashed chapel of Agios Efstathios. The wedding ceremony found Manolis and Rania whispering tenderly, while their beloved guests wished them with rice and rose petals. Leaving the chapel marked the beginning of a wedding party that all guests will remember in the years to come!

Secret party location: Thermes Luxury Villas. The team of Poema Weddings and Events set up a fabulous scenery! Elegant and romantic, their flawless organisation managed to fascinate everyone and exceed their expectations. All these unique elements gave us a wedding setting for a wedding video that words cannot describe. The sunset gave us its sweetest colors and the spring breeze of the sea gave the island a sweet and salty taste.

Alex let himself be inspired by the beauty of dazzling Santorini and offered it to us as a gift in this wedding video!
Instead of film credits at the end of the movie… is just our wish for the warmest, most romantic and happy beginning of your new life together!


    Alex Stabasopoulos © 2019 - Wedding Video