same-sex wedding in Greece

Same-sex Wedding in Greece

Getting married is a magnificent decision at a crossroads in people’s life. Getting married is not just a union or a promise to your partner. It is a great moment when the universe, God, and Mother Nature participate and embrace the coexistence of two people. The moment when you admit to yourself that your partner is the person you commit to walking hand in hand in life. That is why every couple, regardless of gender, has the right to be loved and to declare it without social limiting beliefs. A same-sex wedding in Greece will be an unforgettable experience you will enjoy with all your senses!


Create Memories Full of Love and Romance in Greece


Greece is glamorous, with ideal weather conditions – at least six months a year, colorful natural landscapes, islands, and delicious delights you will not find elsewhere.


Even more important is that the country is considered a safe destination for gay couples in Europe. Although some people still seem surprised when some gay couples snuggle up or kiss in public. Usually, however, they are older people who do not live in tourist places and stare at anything different from what they know. But you should not worry and not be discouraged!

Generally, Greeks are familiar with pluralistic visitors and do not care much about their personal choices. After all, hospitality – which is deeply rooted in the culture of most Greeks – prevails over any other limiting belief.

Therefore, if you are looking for one of the safest destinations in Europe to travel and enjoy your time, you have found it! Feel comfortable and safe to make your dreamy wedding come true.

As for the legal aspect of marriage, however, you should be aware that same-sex wedding in Greece is not yet legally recognized. So, you will have to sign the relevant legal documents of the marriage in your country. Either before you come to Greece or when you return home after the ceremony.


Enchanting Locations for a Fascinating Same-Sex Wedding in Greece


Greece is where you will have the opportunity to experience the substantive aspect of your union with your partner. Feel comfortable choosing among the enchanting destinations in Greece the one that will suit you the most. The one that will make you constantly reminisce about the unique moments of your engagement with your partner.

Picking up the ideal place for your wedding is not easy, though! The landscapes you will discover in Greece are breathtaking and stand out with their remarkable beauty!

There are countless beaches, natural landscapes, hotels, and venues all over Greece that can make your special day unforgettable.

Mykonos, Santorini, Folegandros, Corfu, and Amorgos are some of the Greek islands that will offer you everything you look for on your wedding day. One of them may be the alternative that will suit you perfectly. And last but not least, Corfu ranks third in Europe with the most gay-friendly beach destinations!

Apart from the islands, however, you can find even more alternatives in the capital and the co-capital of the country, Athens and Thessaloniki.


Organize Your Same-sex Wedding That Expresses your Uniqueness


The wonderful thing about your wedding in Greece is that you have the option to combine it with dreamy holidays. You can organize the wedding ceremony and the honeymoon in the same country! Alternatively, if you dream of this day as a big party, you also have exciting options. Hire a sailboat or arrange a gay cruise to Greece with your friends and your families. There are no restrictions on your alternatives. Decide your budget and choose who you want with you in those special moments and improvise!

What would you think of planning your wedding ceremony on a sailboat while enjoying a cruise to the Greek islands?

Or exchange your vows on the beach of a Greek island on an August evening?

And what about exchanging your vows in a mountainous place where Mother Nature will embrace your love?


People from all over the world and every culture choose Greece to create unforgettable memories. No matter where you come from or what choices you make in your personal life. This country is blessed and full of positive energy that will make you feel free and connect with Nature.


So, all you have to do is make the decision. All the rest are details you only have to take care of so that you feel free and allow you to remember the experience of your wedding day.


A Special Experience Deserves a Unique Wedding Video


My love for wedding video recording has no limitations, just like the love between two people! For more than ten years, I have recorded countless moments of happiness. It has been a blessing!

They were moments when people felt free and cheerful. Moments full of emotion, deep love, excitement, and seduction. When time stops and tomorrow is not as meaningful as today. Moments when feelings are common for every human being!

And it has been a pleasure for me to keep their unique experiences alive through their wedding videos. But even more important is that through my work, I keep the emotions alive through time!

So, do you believe that your wedding video deserves to be as unique as the experience of your same-sex wedding in Greece? Because this is what I do!



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