Wedding Videographer in Rethymnon

Wedding Videographer in Rethymnon

Sometimes, we need time to say ‘yes’. In some others, a single moment is more than enough. In any case, accepting a wedding proposal is not an easy decision. It is about our acceptance to unite our lives with our partner we love, trust and admire. As a wedding videographer in Rethymnon, I can assure you that this day will be as remarkable as you are!

And then, we have to decide on all these fascinating details that will make our wedding unique. The way until the wedding day will be full of beautiful surprises and creativity. Speaking from experience as a wedding videographer in Rethymno for over a decade, every minute of this magical journey can be super exciting! Trust me! It is worth your energy!


Well, the point is … how do you dream of YOUR marriage? Have you decided on the style that inspires you? Would you like a romantic ceremony or a boho-style exchange of vows? Do you dream of waterfront images, under the bright sky, or green landscapes and mountainous areas as the background of your wedding photos and video?


If you haven’t decided yet, it’s okay! No worries! I can give you some ideas that may help you make up your mind. The journey until your wedding day deserves to be bright, unique, and unforgettable, not stressful!  Besides, you will be surprised by how many things you will discover about yourself and your relationship. Let yourserlf live it! You deserve it!

Your Personal Unique Story Through Your Wedding Video


For that day (and not only!) you have several choices to make. From the location of the ceremony to the destination of your honeymoon! One of the most important, though, is the choice for your wedding video. Do you think it is secondary? No, not at all!


Working for over a decade as a wedding videographer, I have seen with my eyes the pleasant surprise in people’s eyes when they watch their wedding video for the first time! They feel moved and delighted. They realize that they are the protagonists of their love story! A beautiful love story they have directed themselves.


For me, every love story, and every wedding is so special, just like the related wedding video. Every couple and every experience, is a different source of inspiration for me. They are all wonderful people who invite me to participate in their most festive moments through my video camera. They invite me to be part of their beautiful moments, full of enthusiasm and deep emotions. I can almost feel their heart beating fast with love and anxiety. I acknowledge that witnessing the union of people in love is just a blessing!


And from my side, I have the joy offer them back a great gift! The wedding video of their dreamy wedding. A priceless piece of art, with a timeless value that can keep their memories alive, colored and intense, even after many years.


Nevertheless, a wedding video is not just the recording of a ritual. It can be much more than that!  Your personal love story is the one that starts and ends when you wish. It can start with a save-the-date video and include moments of your experiences even after the ceremony! It depends on what you choose to keep alive!

Wedding Videographer in Rethymnon: I Invite You to Taste Experiences You Will Never Forget!


Are you looking for the perfect location for your wedding day? Then you should know that Rethymno will impress you with the great mixture of landscapes. Places of natural beauty and rich history at the same time.


It is no exaggeration to tell you that Rethymno is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece! What are you looking for that you can’t find in this location?


Amazing seas, bright sun, and natural beauties.

You got it! You will find beaches and landscapes with an exotic look.


Take a walk in Bali, the wonderful beach with black sand and turquoise waters. Get a taste and you will understand that the beauty of the place is inexpressible.


Take advantage of the magnificent background of Triopetra beach to film unforgettable moments with your partner. The coarse sand, the limited touristic facilities, and the rocky formations make it ideal!


If you love water sports and want to combine them with your special moments, Plakias beach will appeal to you. It is hospitable and beautiful with shallow waters, it will fill you with beautiful experiences.


Are you looking for a breathtaking, natural green background for your wedding?


You got it! This is where you will certainly find a piece of Paradise. Of course, words are not enough to describe the greatness of Nature.


Preveli Beach: The palm trees almost touch the sea, while the formation of a small pond among them creates exotic images. Here you will not find any beach bar or stores, which keeps the natural beauty untouched. Keep your mate’s hand and cross the path between the palm trees. Let yourselves enjoy the natural beauties!


Argyroupolis Springs: a green secret paradise that is situated 25 km away from the city of Rethymno. Here crystal clear waters gush over, creating watery walls. Enchanting view! Vivid colors! Stimulating smells! Satisfy all your senses! As per the accommodation, there are beautiful suites in the area that will offer you unforgettable memories!


Do you want romance and positive energy?

The history of the city, the Venetian structures, and fortresses, as well as the cobbled streets, are ideal for romantic walks and photo shoots.


There are so many beautiful spots that I don’t know which one to name first. The old town looks like a postcard.  The old Venetian port seems to have sprung from a time machine. The Lighthouse on the one side of the port adorns and complements the image. It is the most well-preserved Venetian city in all of Greece! The picturesque alleys and shops co-exist with the Renaissance-style buildings and mansions, composing the ideal setting for the perfect video recording!


Are you looking for luxury and comfort?


You will find glamorous hotels and suites that offer discretion and the high-quality services you deserve!


I will not name the best hotels, since each one of them satisfies different tastes. Each one offers something special.  Whatever your choice, you should be confident that you will enjoy warm hospitality!  The Cretans, as well as the people of Rethymno, love to welcome visitors and make them feel at home! It is part of their culture, part of greek history. They wish to make the visitors feel special, just like your wedding deserves to be!


In short, in Rethymnon, you can experience the wedding of your dreams, whatever your preferences. You will find various natural landscapes, unsurpassed images, and excellent facilities for your accommodation and the wedding party. You may also find excellent partners with great services. They will help you make your dream come true. Never forget that this place cannot let you down!


Wedding Videographer in Rethymnon Makes Your Wedding Experience Unique


As you have already understood, the wedding is not limited to the day of the ceremony and the big party! It is an overall experience that only you can choose how to live. And I would love to be part of this unique experience, as your wedding videographer.


Perhaps you dream of a wedding only with your partner, or perhaps, you want to share it with a few friends, or you love big parties and you would like to celebrate with lots of friends! Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps… They are all personal choices that will make you happy.


I will be more than glad if you choose to share them with me. If you want, write me a few words about them and how you imagine your dreamy wedding experience through a video made by a professional wedding videographer in Rethymnon. This will be my chance to send you my offer for an enchanting wedding video.


Get a taste of my work by watching some video clips here. If there are any that suit your preferences, don’t hesitate! Let me know!


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