Wedding Video in Agios Nikolaos

Wedding Videographer in Agios Nikolaos

If you visit Crete even once, you will fall in love with it for a lifetime! God blessed the island by giving it incomparable Greek beauty! Lacy beaches, natural landscapes, alternations of colors, and bright light will charm you. This island will embrace your senses, creating the need to stay here for long. To taste the salty sea, to daydream while looking at its deep blue color, and to feel the sweet breeze enveloping you. As you can see, the images are so powerful that they will make the video of your wedding magnificent. So, if you are looking for a wedding videographer in Agios Nikolaos, you are in the right place!


The surrounding area of Agios Nikolaos, Lassithi, will charm you just like Crete. It includes magnificent beauty. It will be an excellent choice for your wedding day. The idyllic view by the sea is ideal for exchanging your vows with your beloved!


If, on the other hand, you belong to those who enjoy life appreciating discreet luxury, some places and facilities will offer you everything you ask for. After all, the people of Crete and Agios Nikolaos know how to make visitors feel comfortable. With their care and high-quality services, your stay and wedding experience will be unforgettable!

Make Your Wedding an Endless Celebration!


Here in Crete, residents know how to celebrate their special moments with vitality and passion! A day or an evening is not enough for them to party and share their joy.


So, take their example from them and make your wedding an endless celebration that will last as long as you want. And, of course, in any way you like!


How would you like to spend moments of pleasure with your partner on a sailboat? By exploring the unspoiled corners of Agios Nikolaos, you will feel ecstatic by the natural beauties. The bright and warm sun and the endless sea are part of the image. The color and the shades of which will excite you. Sometimes it looks turquoise, some others deep blue or even bright blue. Of course, if you are the person that likes to share, a few good friends would give their touch to this experience.


On the other hand, if you enjoy your adrenaline rising with water or extreme sports in Lassithi, you will find places that will satisfy your thirst. And in this case, it is your choice whether to share the moments with friends or only with your partner. Thus, you will enjoy as you love hiking, climbing, and even paragliding. If, on the other hand, the wild freedom of the sea is your great love, then you should add diving, waterski, or jetski to your agenda!


Even a private spa and massage service combined with exceptional food and music could be another beautiful idea.


The choices you have so that you make your wedding a total and unforgettable experience are many and related to your taste. You can find both romantic and calm corners, as well as wild, energy-filled activities.


Live with Creativity the Wedding of Your Dreams

The goal of all the activities you will choose is to live your wedding to the fullest and create strong memories that will follow you forever! And why not record all this in your wedding video?


After all, a wedding does not have to be limited only to preparation, ceremony, and reception. Improvise to feel free!


In Lassithi and all over Crete, you will feel the love and care of the locals that will make you feel part of this beautiful place.


Stunning Locations Inspire You for Your Wedding Day


Agios Nikolaos

Cosmopolitan air, sandy beaches, delicious food, attractions, and adventurous activities co-exist in this beautiful town. The tranquility emitted by the location makes it ideal for you who want to experience your wedding with sweetness and romance. It is also a central point with access to nearby towns and places worth visiting like Elounda, Malia, and Ierapetra.



Naturally beautiful that captivates with lacy beaches and crystal-clear waters. A small piece of Paradise with luxury even for VIPs.




Full of hospitality and bright sun. You will find plenty of them in this small town. Extra benefit: this is where one-day cruises sail off for the small island of Chrisi that you will fall in love with. You may not imagine how exquisite it is until you visit it!




It is an unspoiled, tiny island without permanent residents. Once you visit it, you will feel like you came to a tropical island! Cedars, golden sand, bright sun, and sea with crystal clear turquoise waters! It challenges you to come back!

Palm Forest of Vai

It is the largest forest with palm trees in Crete. It is a unique place, full of exotic beauty. The palm trees almost touch the sandy beach creating a natural landscape of unspoiled beauty. The hidden path in this unusual forest leads you to a thriving yet peaceful Paradise.



Classy and vital enchants travelers. A small town of eastern Crete you cannot ignore. It allows you to explore in short distances the beauties of Lassithi. Extra benefit: Vitsentzos Kornaros airport.



Your Wedding Videographer in Agios Nikolaos Is Waiting for You


The prefecture of Lassithi is another charming destination of Crete. You should include it in your list of prospective destinations for your big day. The diversity of the terrain and the choices of fun and accommodation ensure that your dream wedding will be successful!


I would love to hear your plans and tell you what I can offer you through a premium wedding video! That’s why you should contact me through the relevant contact form. As a wedding videographer in Agios Nikolaos (and other places),  will come back with my tailor-made offer that suits your case.


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