Wedding Videographer in Heraklion Greece

Wedding Videographer in Heraklion Greece

In the heart of Crete, you will find amazing beaches, beautiful villages, and great food. As a destination, it will catch your attention because it is a location with authenticity and generosity. The city of Heraklion is the ideal base for enjoying the natural beauty parts of the whole island. With all these elements that characterize the area, it becomes one of the top choices to hold an incomparable wedding! And from my side, as a wedding videographer in Heraklion, I will make sure that you will live it again and again through the awesome video of your wedding.


Arriving by ship, you see a large metropolis with modern features, cosmopolitan air, and at the same time cultural tradition. Heraklion can offer you whatever you are looking for. You will love its vitality but also its noble side. It hides natural treasures, such as beautiful beaches and picturesque villages, but also historical buildings that you will not believe that all these coexist on a single Greek island.


In short, in Heraklion and throughout the homonymous prefecture of Heraklion, you will find everything you imagine, whatever the wedding style you envision.


 Wedding Video in Accordance with Your Wedding Style


If you have already been in the process of organizing your wedding, then you probably know that the choices of the wedding style have no end! I believe there are as many styles of marriage as there are people on the planet. What I want to say is that each one is different from the other, so no marriage, as a whole, is the same as the other.


Nevertheless, we attribute a characterization to the wedding style for practical reasons. Some people prefer classic weddings, others like luxurious weddings, others like bohemian, and so on. Thus, it gets helpful for you to choose the individual elements, such as the wedding dress/groom’s suit, invitations, favors, decoration, etc.


Below, you will find some indicative – and only indicative! – categories with a piece of short information that may inspire you. Because here in Heraklion, I am sure you will find a part of Paradise for your taste.

Beach Wedding


If you love this style, then in Heraklion you will definitely find the ideal place for you. Sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, lush vegetation, and a sense of carefreeness. Choose the garment that will make you feel unrestricted and charming at the same time. Keep the decoration simple and let your whole being enjoy -perhaps- the most beautiful day of your life. The experience will be not only amazing but also unforgettable!


And of course, a wedding on the beach allows you to assemble a lot of things yourself. Unleash your imagination and creativity so that your unique creations to stand out.


As far as your wedding video is concerned, there are options – such as music – that will fit perfectly with this style.


Bohemian Wedding


It is not just a wedding decoration option, but a way of living. If you prefer this style, you are conscious that conventions are not for you. You dive into yourself to discover what exactly expresses you. Your connection with nature is intense, so in Heraklion, you will find fantastic spots for yourself. Fabulous beaches to exchanging vows or even outdoor areas with lush green vegetation. Places you will feel freed from pointless stereotypes. Compelling images that will accompany the memories of your wedding forever!


Break the stereotypes with your wedding video too! I am here for you with the appropriate suggestions.


Rustic Weddings


For many couples, the simplicity of country life exerts a notable charm on them. That is why they choose for their wedding day natural elements, such as wood, metal, and non-pretentious flower compositions. Even the décor is usually more unassuming than the simplicity and beauty of nature itself.


Ideal locations are the wineries and outdoor areas with rich vegetation. In Heraklion, there are countless options and local partners that will help you find the perfect spot for your own wedding.


As for your wedding video, the appropriate scenes, images, and music will create a unique result, matching the whole style.


Traditional or Classic Wedding


When we think of marriage and wedding rituals, I believe a classic wedding is what we have in our minds. A style that considers marriage a formal occasion. So, the tuxedo and a wedding dress that looks like a ballgown are first in your list!


It is the ideal choice for you if formality and prestige make you feel comfortable. Here in Heraklion, you will find scattered halls and spaces that will offer you the luxury and premium services required for your perfect wedding!


With knowledge and experience, I can create the appropriate video of your wedding. So that you do not forget anything of what you experienced, emphasizing every meaningful moment. All you have to do is enjoy your wedding day!


Elegant Wedding


It is very similar to the classic wedding but with a modern twist. You can achieve this by choosing a modern design that will characterize it. For example, you can choose a modern wedding dress or an alternative space for a reception. Nevertheless, such a style is very close to a traditional wedding.


In Heraklion, you will find many banquet halls and venues that will highlight the elegance of your wedding. Places that will make you feel delighted on that day!


Regarding your wedding video, what I will do is highlight all the significant details that make the difference. In a way that narrates your unique love story. A love that does not end on the wedding day but begins a new and wonderful chapter through it!




There are many lovers of the style of past decades with an emphasis on the 20s and 70s. That is why they choose clothes, hair, makeup, and decoration that refer to the colors and style of the respective era.


Heraklion is a city with historic buildings, castles, and a picturesque harbor that will wonderfully highlight this choice of yours.


Your wedding video can also be a vintage creation. Using the proper editing (colors, music, sound), I can create a dreamy video. From your side, just feel free and enjoy your wedding day! Only in this way will the images I will record be unique!


Your Wedding Videographer in Heraklion Greece Is Waiting for You


The point is for you to decide what expresses you the most. Do you feel more comfortable in natural locations or do you prefer the luxury and care of a banquet hall?


Would you like to project your relaxed self on that day, or would you like to live your own, wonderful love fairy tale?


Whatever choice you make, listen to your heart. That incredible feeling that always tells the truth.


And believe me, as a wedding videographer in Heraklion, I will be at your side to record every magical moment of yours. I will be there to create through the art of videography a unique work of art just for you and your partner! After all, in a wedding video I can not only record sound and images but also emotions!


If words are not enough to you, please do get a taste of my job here. I am confident that you will realize what my top priorities are: people and their emotions. That’s why I show them off.  A smile or a look can make a difference. Such details make people feel moved and reminisce about their feelings every time they watch their unique wedding video.


So, let me know about your plans and I will send you back my tailor-made offer.


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