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Since you are here, you are probably just a breath away from realizing the wedding of your unique dream. Are you still looking for the perfect place to live a wonderful experience that will unite you with your partner? Or maybe charming Chania is already your final choice? Be that as it may, in this article you will find information about the wonderful Chania, and the importance of the existance of a professional wedding videographer in Chania, that will help you make up your mind.


The Charm of The “Venice of The East”


I am a wedding videographer in Chania, so I can tell you that this is a spectacular and full of energy city that will captivate you. It is considered a beautiful gem and this is not an exaggeration! The city is a jewel that combines influences from different cultures. Its architecture tells a story that takes you back in time. And that’s not all. It is also its unique location, the inexhaustible variety of images, and the special combination of the mountainous and the seaside landscape. But it is also the warm and hospitable people, the wonderful food and the ideal weather conditions. It is the perfect combination that guarantees enjoyable moments to the fullest. The secrets of Chania are slowly revealed and they will make you fall in love with it…


First of all, Chania city is an uncommon work of art. It looks like a unique creation that took centuries to become what you see today. Jews, Christians, Catholics, and Ottomans have lived through the centuries in this wonderful place. As a result, each of them left behind its identity. You will discover them by walking through the old town, the old port, and the Venetian fortress. More specifically, every building is an element that has been added little by little through time.


Create Exciting Wedding Memories in Chania


And now you are wondering how all this info will be connected to your wedding day. Let’s use your imagination at this point. Imagine yourself walking around the picturesque alleys of the old town to reach the ceremony venue. Whether you choose a religious wedding, a civil one, or any other kind of ceremony, the old town is ideal. You can also choose among seaside locations, where the fame and beauty of the Greek island take shape. Imagine the sandy beach of a summer sunset, next to the deep blue sea. The images and colors are so unique! That’s why they will be etched in your memory. All the more so, they will be the perfect setting for your wedding video!


Chania is a big city which is a plus.

  • You can find premises of the public agencies that will help you deal with the practical issues of your marriage easily.
  • The port and the airport make access easy.
  • The large hotels and the great variety of accommodation make lodging a pleasure.

Also, I want to point out, that the place is ideal for extra vacation days! You can combine your wedding with wonderful holidays, only with your partner or with some of your guests as well. Chania is located on the large island of Crete with its endless beauties. In a very short time, you can live unforgettable experiences, see unique images and enjoy moments of complete relaxation. And don’t forget the local, traditional cuisine of the island. Surely you haven’t tasted such vivid and delicious flavors! The basis of the kitchen is the respect and love for local products as well as the satisfaction of the visitor. It is an island of people who love to share and party! Because here people not only share their food and local wines but also part of their soul.



Your Wedding Videographer in Chania Suggests…


You can’t miss including some places in your wedding video footage. There are spots that you “must” also be photographed there if you want. Such places are the Venetian harbor and the Old Town. With the cobbled alleys and historical buildings that travel you through time. Also, on the Kountouriotis coast and the Venetian fortress, you will encounter images that remind a postcard. If you love romance, you can’t miss experiencing an exciting carriage ride! It would be a great idea if you chose this means to arrive at the place of the ceremony! And the icing on the cake: Make sure that at sunset you are at the right place, the Lighthouse! It will just take your breath away!


Outside the city, you will find unique beaches and villages. The options are countless. To name but a few:


  • Elafonisi, the Caribbean of Crete: Exotic images, fine sand, turquoise waters. Without a doubt, it is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world!
  • Balos: a beach with a divine beauty that drives the eye crazy with shades of pink, white, blue, and green.
  • Loutro in Sfakia: a dreamy coastal village that you have to go to! It’s like being in the Cyclades, with white houses, crystal clear waters, and a sheltered sea.



I Can Be Your Wedding Videographer in Chania if…


… you are looking for professionalism, quality, and a result that will excite you!


After more than ten years as a wedding videographer, I have many beautiful collaborations to remember. Couples who enjoyed their wedding day and allowed me to record it with my camera. Warm people with humor, romance, and optimism! And of course, countless moments of love, emotion, and frantic fun. Because every wedding is not only different but also makes you feel such intense and varied emotions. It doesn’t matter if you choose a romantic wedding, a boho, or a chic, or even a classic wedding. Emotions are always intense! And I’m there to make my passionate profession. To keep every emotion, every image, every teasing unchanged in time with the video of your wedding!


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