Wedding Cinematography In Mykonos for Liana & Walter

“When I look at you the sun shines only for me, everything is full of happiness and talks about you…”. Liana sings… Walter recognizes this song for sure among the few Greek words he knows. This wedding in Mykonos is going to be remembered with a big smile!

It all started with a pre wedding party in Mykonos…

The fun started two days before the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom became our captains to an adventurous boat trip outside Delos. Couple and guests were really excited. Diving into the deep blue of the Aegean sea was refreshing and the cocktails were chilling. In addition to that, we, the wedding cinematographers, managed to capture flawlessly the moments in the middle of the storm in a video in Mykonos full of fun!

The meeting point of the next day party was at the fabulous Caprice of Mykonos. The Aegean blue and the white houses of Mykonos created the ideal canvas for an ideal pre wedding cinematography in Mykonos. It was all dancing for the happy couple and their wedding party.

A romantic wedding video for an elegant wedding day

When the wedding day arrived, we could not have asked for more. It was a special sunny day, full of love and laughter! The bride’s preparations were taken out of the scenes of a movie. As a result, our scenes couldn’t be missing the scent of romance and elegance. We decided the trailer of this wedding video in Mykonos ought to be exactly that: vintage, comprehensive and loving!

This wedding video in Mykonos could totally be about the love glimpses the two of them exchanged during the wedding! The groom’s cuff links were in place while laces embraced the bride. Above all, both wore their warm smiles on their faces and an impeccable wedding followed.

The party that followed was unique and full of enthusiasm! Our cameras were there to capture everything! As authentic wedding videographers in Mykonos, we went with the flow of dancing and music!

Liana and Walter lived every moment of their wedding passionately.  They transmitted their energy to us, making their wedding cinematography in Mykonos a pleasure for us too!

We wish them a life full of love and happiness! Enjoy this lovely wedding video in Mykonos and find inspiration for your own wedding in Mykonos!


    Alex Stabasopoulos © 2019 - Wedding Video