Wedding Cinematography in Santorini

“In forests of centuries
you are travelling alone,
the wild light you adore
in rooms of white”
(Katsimicha – “Santorini”)

Only when the plane is over Santorini, you understand why words fail to describe its shades of blue. The endless sea, the picturesque white houses, the domes of the churches, the boats, the blue sky and the seagulls seem like a piece of art. This kind of unique beauty transcends humanity.  And there comes our challenge:  fit all this beauty into a wedding video!

Wedding cinematography in Santorini seems to be a dream come true for many couples around the globe. Perhaps it’s the beauty of the place. Justifiably, Santorini is considered one of the most romantic places in the world. At the same time, it is the most popular wedding destination in Europe and third in the world. If you find yourself in the magical Oia in a summer afternoon, you’ll understand why this is the most famous sunset in the world.

Think of the first images that come to your mind when you dream of your wedding. A rock somewhere among the clouds, the sea underneath dipped in gold dust, the sun above warming your hearts and all the surroundings dressed in white. That is.. Santorini, a dreamy place and one of the most inspiring sceneries for wedding cinematography and of course a wedding cinematographer!

Countless options for your wedding cinematography

Santorini offers numerous options for your wedding cinematography. Whether you want a religious ceremony or a civil wedding, Santorini has it all! One of the most famous churches is the Resurrection, located in the heart of the Caldera, overlooking the volcano and the Aegean Sea. If you prefer the view to the Caldera though, you can choose between the Cathedral Virgin Candlemas in the center of Fira.  Agios Minas, a beautiful chapel that takes the sunset color also ticks all boxes. St. Gerasimos in Firostefani is also impressive and hidden in cypress. The list of cathedrals in Santorini is endless!

For a civil wedding in Santorini,  just let your imagination go wild. From luxury hotels with spectacular views of the volcano, Oia and the old Castle to special wineries with dedicated wedding areas, Santorini can satisfy the most demanding newlyweds and fit every budget.

As for your wedding party, you can give the color and mood you desire. At first glance, Santorini may seem quiet but there is always room and appetite for fun.  Just head to Fira in the evening! During the day, Perivolos and its beach parties will not leave you disappointed, if you feel like partying!

When it comes to wedding planning, since there are a lot of options, it is preferable to assign the organization of your wedding to one of the local wedding planners. Most of them have years of experience in weddings in Santorini and they will guide you properly. They will listen to your needs, they will discharge you from the stress of the wedding preparations and will be there to ensure that you and your guests will totally enjoy your precious day!

It’s filming time!

When the time of your wedding video comes, just leave it to us! The island is the right canvas for breathtaking aerial shooting with drones, but not only that. We are always ready to capture through our cameras whatever you have imagined. We create wedding cinematography in Santorini that sketches the profile of your own love story. As our logo states, we create wedding cinematography as unique as you are!

Moreover, the challenge for us in wedding cinematography in Santorini is to record the thousands of colors such as the rare volcanic energy that pervades the island but also have you in the spot light. To achieve this, we focus on particularly careful handling of the Greek light both in shots on the land and by the sea, conveying your mood and special vibes!

Above all, however, it is always a personal relationship with you that guides us in the creation of our wedding videos. Your trust in our perspective is the secret that will relax you and make you enjoy the wedding cinematography process. If you finally choose Santorini as the location of your wedding cinematography, you will not have to lower your expectations! Nothing will be less than aesthetic perfection!

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