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Eleni & Rachel
Destination Santorini

Drawn to the charm and elegance of Santorini, Helen and Rachel decided that this was going to be the perfect spot for their perfect same sex elopement video! Santorini boasts a mesmerising backdrop, the shining sky of Greece and the world’s most famous sunset. Furthermore, their closest friends and family became the protagonists of their elopement video. What else could anybody ask for? A cinematic elopement video of course!

Inspired same sex elopement video

As wedding videographer

i made the energy and happiness of the couple on the day an ingredient for their perfect, same sex elopement video. These elements were our inspiration to create a unique same sex elopement video and a breathtaking elopement trailer. 

Right before their most wonderful day…

The preparations for the elopement took place at the luxurious Katikies at Oia, Santorini among laughter, sunshine and a mellow atmosphere. Following the preparations, an intimate but still elegant ceremony and reception took place at the Panorama Balcony of Canaves Hotel in Oia. The wedding cinematographer Alex Stabasopoulos was there to capture this magical day from start to finish!

And when the elopement time comes…

The wonderful couple came all the way from the United States of America. Santorini became their perfect elopement locale and they celebrated their love the way they had imagined it. However, it is true that planning a destination wedding can sometimes be quite stressful. Therefore, our lovely couple trusted Poema Weddings with the organisation of their wedding. The result of course rewarded them. An elegantly styled wedding, with stylish details that completely matched the personal style and love story of the couple.

My end, i tried my best to create an elopement video that would remind them of all the love and happiness they experienced on that wonderful day in Santorini.

Please feel free to watch Helen’s and Rachel’s elopement trailer. Delve into their wonderful world and let yourself be taken away by this elopement video in Santorini. And why not, find inspiration for your own same sex elopement!

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