wedding at amanzoe
Claudia & Lavan
Destination: Amanzoe / Porto Cheli
Year: 2021
Wedding Film

The most tender love journey
starts at Amanzoe.

As a wedding videographer, it is my pleasure to become part of the most beautiful, special moments of a couple. I move among them with my camera. I sense their enthusiasm, their impatience, but also their joy. That familiar tossing in the stomach by thousands of butterflies that overwhelms the heart, is imprinted on their smile. Unique moments in time flooded with all sorts of emotions that can accompany a couple to be married. One such special couple is Claudia and Lavan. They are two people of unique beauty that honored me with their cooperation. Leaving with confidence in my hands their wedding video at Amanzoe.

It’s fate brought them together 10 years ago.

Νow the couple has decided to move on to the next step. To unite their lives forever. To walk together on a common path, confessing their love to each other. Words of deep love that reveal their own special connection were heard from their lips to seal their new beginning. Their strong feelings flooded their hearts, were expressed on their faces and on the words they shared. Their guests were there to witness their wonderful wedding at Amanzoe.

Of course, the place they chose is not accidental. When someone visits this luxurious resort, he will understand the uncommon aura that surrounds the location. The greatness of nature combined with human talent has created a place of unprecedented beauty. Amanzoe  helps you to empty your mind from the thoughts of your daily routine and the bustling everyday life. The serenity of nature and the simple luxury of the space, relax the senses and take you to a reality that each of us would like to live. A piece of Paradise on earth!

The wonderful moments
of the couple recorded
by their w
edding video

If you enter the domination area of the Amanzoe, you will be impressed at once! Starting from its name. Its exact interpretation includes the words  “Serenity" and “Life”. The resort is very close to the ancient theatre of Epidaurus. Many historical and modern attractions are within a small distance. Amanzoe offering the unique energy and aesthetics that make it different.

The balance of the natural materials that are used for its construction, such as stone and marble in relation to the element of the water, lends vividness and vitality to the space. The greenery of the trees and shrubs creates a sense of relaxation and serenity. This element creates also a pleasant flow of energy that can be felt as a feeling of fullness and jubilation.

The simple lines of the architecture, both internal and external, make the feeling of relaxation even stronger. It is the Ancient Greek architecture that has been rendered with a modern look and makes the result impressive.

Villa 20 offered the required hospitality to the couple and their special guests.

 A space that made their coexistence balanced and enjoyable. The nine rooms that are divided into 6 levels offered the discretion that needed the occasion. The large, comfortable spaces, the atmospheric lighting, the sea view from every point led to the unique experience they were able to enjoy during their stay.

wedding at amanzoe

The successful combination of the beauty of the natural landscape and human luxury is indisputable.

Villa 20 looks like a modern Acropolis. With a splendid view of the unique beauty of the surrounding hills and the special shades of blue that only the Aegean Sea is famous for. The successful combination of the beauty of the natural landscape and human luxury is indisputable. The view from the infinity pools is wonderful. Can you imagine what is like to “swim” in the sky? The sky seems to embrace the water of the pools creating a truly unique experience!

A long and airy veil gave a special touch to her image, adding extra points to her beauty.

It is the preparation time. Our bride was left in the hands of Georgia Christodoulou to stylize her appearance, taking care of hair and makeup. Her wedding dress designed by Ellis Bridals, seemed the ideal choice to embrace her silhouette and bring out in a very elegant way her feminine side. A long and airy veil gave a special touch to her image, adding extra points to her beauty. Claudia also chose her lingerie and accessories from Dolce & Gabbana and her wedding earrings from TH Baker

 Her wedding fragrance Chanel N.5 Eau de Parfum will always remind her of the unique moments she experienced during her wedding day. Her image could not be completed without her wedding shoes from Manolo Blahnik. The necessary accessory that made her the Cinderella of her own fairy tale!

wedding at amanzoe

The undoubtedly elegant and beautiful presence of the couple starred in the wedding video at Amanzoe.

Lavan, as a genuine prince, chose a flattering suit from Hugo Boss, maintaining a traditional image. He choose also his shoes, shirt, and bowtie of the same brand. His fragrance, the Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum gave a discreet luxury to its presence, through fragrances that combine the Mediterranean elements with those of the East.

The undoubtedly elegant and beautiful presence of the couple starred in the wedding video at Amanzoe. Their unique experience culminated when they found themselves in the round lavender garden of Amanzoe.

A circular arch by Studio7 was the perfect setting for the ceremony to take place. The vivid green of the plants combined with the white flowers of the apse emphasized this eternal symbol. The circle, the powerful symbol of perfection, fulfillment, and union will always remind them of what brought them together.

Moved, with emotion capturing them,

they gave their own unique vows of eternal devotion and love. Is there anything more powerful in this world than the confession of love? A confession that could not be completed without theirsparkling wedding rings from Tiffany & Co. A unique symbol made by a special company. There were also their beloved people to witness their sweet, everlasting union.

The serenity of the place also lingered in their hearts, making their joy unlimited.

The reception that followed gave the couple the chance to take a breath of sweet relief after the intense emotions they had during the ceremony. The amphitheatrical space that hosted the closing of the evening is unique in its kind and inspired by the theaters of Ancient Greece. The serenity of the place also lingered in their hearts, making their joy unlimited. The ambient lighting and the warm environment were the ideal epilogues to the outstanding experience of Claudia and Lavan. The couple and their guests enjoyed the evening and the exquisite food, sipping their drinks.

wedding at amanzoe
wedding at amanzoe

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