Wedding videographer in Spetses
Seaton & Maria
Destination: Spetses
Year: 2021
Wedding Film

A love story with a happy end, through the eyes of a wedding videographer in Spetses.

Either you call yourself romantic or not, there is a part inside you that is
moved by a love story, full of pure feelings and romance. Maria’s and
Seaton’s romantic relationship is one of them. Watching the final version of
their wedding video after long hours of editing, i could not avoid noticing that
their feelings were revealed in every scene. The shining faces, their happy
smiles, and the harmonious dance of their bodies when they together
reflected the passion and the warmth that live in their hearts. 

So a wedding videographer in Spetses can make your wedding day lasts for ever!

For this couple, the alternative of getting married in Spetses seemed to be the ideal one.

Despite their residence in London they chose to get married on this beautiful island. They trusted Fevronia Luxury Concepts to plan their wedding, Thanasis Kaiafas to shoot the photographs, and Alex Stabasopoulos as their wedding videographer in Spetses. The result was more than unexpected. Maria & Seaton was really excited about their experience!

On the one hand, their friends and family were there, acting with respect to the traditional parts of a wedding procedure. They were involved in the preparation of the traditional wedding souvenirs that will always remind
them of their holy union. 

They made the groom’s and the bride’s dressing procedure a party full of enthusiasm and emotion.

And of course, they didn’t miss to escort the couple to the church giving an air of romance and nobility through the picturesque alleys of the island that led to the church of Agios Nikolaos.

Wedding videographer in Spetses

On the other hand, their will was to taste the experience of the modern first look.

Unlike the tradition, they didn’t want to wait to see each other at the church. Nowadays, the modern first look is practiced by an increasing number of couples and no one could blame them for this. The moment that the groom meets the bride is very personal and intimate. Besides, it is not that pleasant to feel the eyes of so many people staring at you waiting for your reactions. After all, a wedding on such a charming island should make you feel free of commitments or limitations that derive from cliché that are not right for you.

The couple has chosen Poseidonion Grand Hotel Spetses for the party after the ceremony.

They had the chance to have a drink and dine along with friends and family in a historical hotel that the hospitality is their principal value. Besides, it is a business that knows how to provide special attention to
the couple through their carefully designed wedding services. It is also a notable fact that the architecture of the hotel is equivalent to that of the hotels situated in the French Riviera, due to the creativity and the special
skills of the Greek architecture Panagiotis Zizilas. This is the reason why many celebrities, members of royal families, and great political personalities have chosen Poseidon Grand Hotel for their stay or to host their private parties and events.

The day after the wedding was also very special to the couple. They baptized their little baby, and thw wedding videographer in Spetses, Alexandros, at the same church they got married to! It was really touching to see this family been blessed at the same church and make their connection even stronger. This is why their wedding video is full of sweetness and romance. The finishing touch of the music embraced the visuals creating a harmonious result by wedding videographer in Spetses!

Wedding videographer in Spetses
Wedding videographer in Spetses
Wedding videographer in Spetses
Wedding videographer in Spetses
Wedding videographer in Spetses

Why is Spetses Island so Special and Attractive?

Spetses is one of the Greek islands with the greatest history. Its contribution to the liberation of the country has been crucial, while its classy air is present at every step that takes a visitor. The bright blue sky, the exotic seasides, the snow-white houses, and the prestige of the island will make you fall in love with it! It is situated at the entrance of the Argolic gulf and it is surrounded by the Myrtoan Sea. It is an island of exceptional beauty and charm. The green color of the trees is a feature that makes it different from others in Greece.


What if all of these pictures were part of the set of your wedding film?

The easy access from Piraeus Port or Porto Heli can help the visitor to reach Spetses even for a weekend trip. Imagine then how convenient this place will be for your wedding day! Dapia, the center of the Spetses city is full of visitors, life, and delicious food. You can find traditional products that witness the evolution of folk art during the centuries. A walk to the old port or through the traditional alleys of the city will surprise you with their incomparable beauty.

 The old neighborhoods, the Roloi square, the historical building of the Poseidonion Hotel, the horse-drawn carriages, the bicycles, and the lack of cars will help you to travel to the past. You will be fascinated by the old mansions and the romance they release. Tiles on the roofs, wooden doors, and windows painted in blue, whitewashed external staircases. What if all of these pictures were part of the set of your wedding film?

If you feel that this article describes your dreamy marriage, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas. We would really love the opportunity to be your videographer in Spetses. So, you may reach wedding videographer in Spetses.


Your marriage can be unique just because it is yours!

Spetses is an island that has so many stories to tell! Its history is so old that makes the energy of the island strong and majestic. The natural loveliness of the landscape can host your dreams! It doesn’t matter if they do not include a romantic feeling. You can still plan your marriage there. The luxury, the hospitality, and the rebellious spirit will make your moments so special as you are! Even if you don’t want to get married to a church, the natural beauty of the beaches can guarantee that your marital ceremony will still be enjoyable and impressive. The only obligation you have is to make your decisions and dream of your own fairy tale! Trust Alex Stabasopoulos as your wedding videographer in Spetses and enjoy the professional approach!



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