Dan & Gina
Destination: Paros & Antiparos
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The most unique wedding placed at the beautiful island of Paros

I always enjoy people with passion for life. A great love needs an amazing celebration in order to seal this. So, throughout the years, as a wedding videographer in Paros, I have committed a plethora of loving couples enjoying their special day.  

Modern and tradition - A perfect combination


I feel very lucky as a wedding videographer in Paros to have had the opportunity to be the videographer at Dan and Gina's wedding.

As a wedding videographer in Paros, I have to admit that it was one of the most special weddings I have ever attended.

This wedding had it all! It uniquely combined the tradition and culture of the couple, but also their unique taste and aesthetics.


Their love story is like a romantic movie


If you hear their story, you will immediately believe that this is a movie and no real life.

Gina is a mixed Indian - Greek beautiful girl, and Dan is a handsome Australian boy. 13 years earlier the universe aligned their very first meeting at a nightclub in Leicester.

Music was pumping, drinks were flow and Jina was dancing at the dance floor  like a dancing queen, and immediately captivate his eyes.

So, Dan was already sure that Gina was the right one for him.

From that night, they were inseparable.


Here you can watch an other version of their wedding trailer. The power of editing provide them a completely different picture with their previous trailer!

Their wedding day was as unique and adventurous as their life

The whole celebration was about 4 days. The main characters of our story, wanted to live a full experience, and gain amazing memories to remember their special day.

At day 1, the beautiful couple welcomed all their guests with a party with welcome drinks at the Cabana Beach Bar in Paros. There, all the participants had had great time of relax and joy, by the music and the sound of the amazing Sound Mykonos.

At day 2, Dan & Gina decided to keep up with the tradition. So, they organized a very traditional Indian wedding, in order to stay close at Gina’s roots, and make Dan part of her amazing culture. For this special occasion, Antiparos and specifically Beach House Antiparos, was the most suitable location for this special event.

Day 3 was the big day. It was the day that the two people sealed their love for ever, and Villa Aethra in Paros, settled the perfect scene!

And last but not least, at day 4 Dan, Gina, and their loved ones, enjoyed a boat party at Paros.

Of cource, all this events, required the expertise that NAI I Do Destination Weddings had. Everything was amazing and well prepared, with the unique characteristics that the couple wanted.

Dream wedding at a dream place


From the day that they met, Dan and Gina have traveled all across the word. They are true travelers. But from all the places that they have ever been, they eventually chose Greece, and more specifically Paros and Antiparos, to place the most significant day of their life.

Paros sits in the heart of the Aegean Sea, and belongs to the Cyclades. It is also well knowed that Paros is one of the most popular destinations in Greece. So the selection for their wedding wasn’t made by chance.

Paros can offer you a variety of activities such as a fantastic nightlife, traditional aesthetic and delicious Greek food. Additionally, you can stroll through Naousa & Parikia which can offer you cozy alleyways. Moreover, Paros is very close to Antiparos, which is a great option if you want to visit more than one destination.

Choose a wedding videographer in Paros to make your memories last forever


If you want to have a special and unique wedding as Dan & Gina's was, do not hesitate to select me as your wedding videographer in Paros. 

I truly enjoy make your dreams came true, through a perfect video of that special day always according to your preferences!

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