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The enjoyable moments of a wedding videographer in Mykonos !



It was the very first days of the summer that I found myself again in my beloved Mykonos. An island with many beauties. Landscapes and places that can offer exceptional experiences to every taste. Both cosmopolitan and retreat. You can find everything here! As a wedding videographer in Mykonos, I got close to a very loving and enjoyable couple.

Pietro and Gayanne chose this place to live their fairy tale. Their union through their marriage was meant to be a big, joyful party with a lot of people and plenty of happiness! Protagonists of a wonderful, authentic love story.

Their wide smile won me over from the beginning. Beautiful people, with a beauty that came from their souls. Pietro comes from Italy. Mediterranean, male figure, with a playful mood. Gayanne hailed from Armenia. Feminine, exotic beauty. Two origins with a rich history. Two origins that come from different routes, were met to celebrate love!


If I were to give a title to this marriage, then I would characterize it as a marriage of genuine fun and excitement.

 The couple seemed to avoid conventional options. That’s why Event Co., the event planner, adapted their wedding to a more alternative style. They offered the couple a memorable experience.

It was not a common marriage. The cosmopolitan glamour of Mykonos did not steal the impressions. Under this cosmopolitan air, there is still the smell of Greece with the old neighborhoods, with the passion, with the local fishermen, who know not only how to toil but also to have fun. The place has incredible energy. The energy that comes from nature. From every person that lived and got in love on the island. This pure and natural side of Mykonos was dominant at the wedding. Even a simple boat was enough to carry the dreams and hopes of the couple. The luxury was hidden in the abundance of emotions and joy! The classic windmills witnessed their love. The combination of blue and white became their wedding photo frame!

Gayanne, the Armenian bride with the exotic charm!

Gayanne, the bride, had a very strong aura. Her temperament made an impression. A personality with humor and always a good mood. Every moment was an opportunity for fun. The elegance characterized her appearance. Starting with the wonderful fitted wedding dress and the discreet bodice. The lace that embraced the whole dress, gave an air of romance and sweetness. Just like the air of the hidden beauties of the island. Her golden sandals gave her the comfort to move in the alleys of the island. They were the only glowing element of her style. Her image had a wonderful balance as her natural brunette colors were wonderfully combined with her white wedding dress. Also, a few white pearls decorated her hair. A beautiful combination with her traditional bridal veil. The elegant and discreet earrings made her wide smile brighter. While the earthy hues of her makeup highlighted her natural beauty.

Her bouquet was simple yet impressive. The olive leaves were perfectly combined with pink roses and white blooms. Their union could not be completed without their golden wedding rings. The design was simple, without redundant details.

The “blue eye” was the dominant design of the wedding.

 It decorated the bride’s bracelet, the box with the wedding rings, and the bride’s means of transport. For the Egyptians, it was used to symbolize fertility and privacy.  Nowadays, we use it as a symbol that brings good luck and keeps bad energy away.

The bride chose a whimsical way to arrive at the church. A three-wheeler bike would be the ideal means to move around the alleys of the island. Of course, it didn’t prevent her father from escorting his daughter to the church. A giant smile on their face was proof they enjoyed their ride!

When they arrived at the church, the relatives and friends greeted her with smiles of joy. Their excitement could not be hidden! The Catholic cChurchof the Holy Mary of the Rosary was the church of the mystery. A beautiful small Catholic church, the only one on the island. It is located among the island’s cobbled streets at a very central point. The delivery of the bride from the father to the groom was done in the traditional way. A powerful moment of emotions between the two men! From now on, their love for the same woman would unite them forever.

Pietro, the groom with the Italian finesse!

The groom chose a classic, elegant black suit. The white tie made the perfect contrast. The detail emphasized the joyful tone of the day. A day of celebration and immense happiness.

He chose a Vespa to go to the church! Timeless medium of Italian origin. His humorous mood was imprinted on his smile along the way. His playful look enticed friends and relatives into celebrating with him. Nothing at all could overshadow the day. He seemed to live every moment, to capture it deeply in the memories of the heart.

The ceremony and the “Fiesta”.

The ceremony was simple and very beautiful at the same time. Emotional and warm. It was obvious that love had already united them! The presence of the guests was really important. They were there to witness a very beautiful love story. To seal the beginning of a common life that promised many wonderful moments. The ceremony ended with a strong, spontaneous kiss. A kiss that declared happiness and satisfaction. They finally became husband and wife!

The reception that followed was amusing! They had fun like children, with enthusiasm and no concerns. It looked like a big party. Especially enjoyable, thanks to the friends who joined their celebration. Alemagou’s place offered the couple the freedom they were asking for. A place next to the beach, a bohemian setting. It combines relaxation and elegance. Refined yet tough. Elements that were blended that special and warm night of June.

The dance that the groom and the bride shared may not have been characteristic of an Armenian wedding. But it was certainly a need for communication between them. The bride was left to the sounds of magical music, which seemed to fascinate her. Her figure was airy, full of charm. She seemed to hneedto offer pleasure to her mate with her rocking. A dance that seemed like a promise for what would follow in their common life. And he, with the instinct of the male, seemed to rejoice in it. His face indicated satisfaction and absolute happiness. A dance that captivated them and made them feel alone among the others. Free to experience their love.

Fun, dancing, emotion, celebration, excitement. Every moment was full of joy!

The fireworks that emerged in the night sky of the island, brought excitement and emotion. A fascinating spectacle that magnetized the gaze.

The drinks and dancing did not stop at all during the night. The song from the bride was the cherry on top. Traditional instruments brought air from Armenia. Haig Yazdjian gave with his presence unique memories. A composer, vocalist, and oud player of Armenian origin, ttheyenchanted with his song not only the couple but the guests as well.

The bride did not miss throwing away her bouquet in the traditional way. Full of enthusiasm and ha humorous mood, she gave the chance to a single friend of hers to dream of her wedding day. The cut of the wedding cake followed a while later, as a symbol of their sweet future life as a couple.


The sweet impressions remain unforgettable.

Another enjoyable day of fun! A wild party! This was my experience as a wedding videographer in Mykonos. An endless day of dancing, singing, and rich emotion. TEnjoymenthas have always been evident in every single choice. At every step, at every smile…

If Pietro and Gayanne’s story touched your heart, take the first step in inorganizing your wedding day! Reach me through my email and ask for your offer. Let me know about your dreams so I can help you ake them true! I  can be your wedding videographer in Mykonos if you wish.

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