Mina & Mikkel
Destination: Antiparos
Wedding Film

A wedding video in Antiparos made like a movie

As a wedding videographer in Antiparos, I have to admit that is always my honor and my pleasure to be the one who will create your wedding video.

I always feel the responsibility that this job has, because is one shot opportunity. So, when a couple shows trust on me, I am trying my best to provide them a wedding video with cinematography features.

And so, Mina’s & Mikkel’s wedding was. Like a cinematography movie!

Feelings and emotions perfectly fulfilled the atmosphere by this wedding videographer in Antiparos

Their worlds of love and intimacy, made the eyes of all the attendees wet. This couple is a great match, and their love and respect for each other cannot be hidden.

They travelled from Norway to Greece, in order to seal their love at a breathtaking view.

Dream wedding with a breathtaking view

Our beloved couple wanted to spend some time of relax and privacy with their special guests. What a more suitable place than Antiparos?

As a wedding videographer in Antiparos, I have to admit that this island  is a small Aegean Island in Greece, with amazing beaches and natural beauty. As the years gone by, more and more couples decide to live the most special day of their lives at Antiparos.

Mina & Mikkel wanted exactly that thing! To create unforgettable moments with their beloved ones.  

Three days full of joy

I have to admit that Mina & Mikkel didn’t want an ordinary day. Their passion of life mirrored on their wedding day. For that cause, they wanted a three days celebration in order to seal their love for ever!

So, at day one, the couple welcomed their guests with an amazing party at SIFNEIKO Café. There all the attendees had had the opportunity to relax, to dance and to drink.

Day 2 is the big day! Is the day that Mina and Mikkel will unite their lives together. Two separate individuals now will be one! And then followed a big party, with great music from the amazing saxophones of Blasemafian, and a breathtaking fire show, at Antiparos Beach House.

Last but not least, after the big event, it is the time for the big party! At the villa that accommodated the couple and their guests, was a pool at Antiparos Elite Villas. So, the attendees didn’t loose the chance to enjoy the perfect climate of Greece and swim at this pool and the private beach which were next to the villa.

Details that make the difference

Undoubtedly, this was an amazing wedding. Everything was perfectly prepared and organized. This event will not be the same with different factors. The wedding planner The Event Co, for another time made its magical tricks! And so, the fire show at the wedding party of the Defingou team was. Magical!

A wedding like that, would of course has to be for ever captured. For that cause, only the lenses of the photographer Nikos Psathoyiannakis and the wedding videographer in Antiparos, Alex Stabasopoulos, could make it happen. They created photos and videos so alive, that you will believe you attend this wedding too.

A wedding videographer in Antiparos can guarantee you a high-quality video of your special day

If you want to have a wedding as amazing as Mina’s & Mikkel was, feel free to contact me in order to make it happen!

My prior experience, and my passion for this job, are the keys of a succeed wedding video. As a wedding videographer in Antiparos, I will try to render on your video your special character, style, and aesthetic.

All you have to do is to decide the details of your dream wedding, share your vision with me, and show me trust to bring you the best outcome.

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