Stunning Wedding Videography with Drones!

In recent years, more and more couples choose drone videography for their wedding video, in Greece and beyond. Be it an elegant wedding video in Santorini, elsewhere in Greece or abroad, the wedding videographer can use remotely piloted electric helicopters or, simply put, drones, to capture your best moments.

In the not-so-distant past, wedding cinematography with drones was reserved for exclusive sets with complicated setups. Thanks to the new technologies though, drones are not an option that is hard to go for, cost wise. Also, the stunning aesthetic result of a wedding video made with drones definitely rewards the couples.

Aerial wedding cinematography is an impressive way of “coverage” for wedding cinematography, since it enriches the content with frames that a wedding videographer cannot capture on the ground. This way it creates a wedding video with more cinematic sensation, offers the wedding videographer endless creative possibilities and adds more value to the final result.

How to choose a drone: Octocopter or something smaller?

Choosing the ideal drone for your wedding video is mainly a question of cost as in the case of drones, the smallest is the cheapest. But let’s delve a little deeper.

An octocopter drone, relatively to a smaller one, can fly with more accuracy. The extra propellers make it more stable while there is less pressure on the motors.

Moreover, it is able to carry DSLR cameras, while two operators are required for its function. One for the flight of the drone and one for the camera operation. The benefits of this combination are multiple. First of all, the quality of the wedding video is higher (HD 1080 and 4K) because a better camera is used. In addition to that, it provides a safer flight. One operator checks the height, speed, wind, natural obstacles etc.. At the same time, the other one focuses on the theme and  inspirational shooting locations of the wedding venue.

Safety first

Even in case of breakdown, the drone will fly even with two motors out of order and will land safely. Furthermore, it can fly higher reaching higher safety levels, without this affecting the frames’ stability (it is able to fly even in wind speed up to 6 in the Beaufort scale). This way, its sound will also not annoy the people.

Although there many options, in our experience, the octocopter ticks all boxes. It can shot frames under adverse circumstances with safety and high definition of image for a breathtaking wedding video.

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