Fashion Film
Destination: Morocco
Wedding Film

When high aesthetics, excellent quality and the artistic sensibility

of a creator meet the mysterious charm. The entrancement and the hidden beauty of a land, the result of a fashion film in Morocco can only be explosive!

In Morocco, Mairi Mparola with her lovely wedding dresses, Cpsofikitis and Alex Stabasopoulos with their cameras and directorial touch, invite our senses into a magical journey!

Silk tulles, muslin and taffeta, sometimes in matching and sometimes in contrast,

but always in harmony. With the scenery of Marrakech, dressed Daria uniquely and brought in their way back amber powder and aroma of sweet mint tea. The red city of the East was the ideal canvas for Alex's footage. Alex, by mastering its incessant rhythms with super slow motion, in the street bazaars, gardens and markets, wed amazingly the contemporary element of the West to the oriental aura.

Glances at the locals’ everyday life behind half-open doors, zooming in fascinating detail.

Capturing moments of street artists performances and a small dose of luxury in the shots of the imposing facilities of the Amanjena Hotel. They composed a rare orchestra of colors and melodies. And when the bustling landscape gave way to the desert of Agafay, the bridal creations of Mary Barrola put on their exotic veils. They eyemed to resemble somewhere between the sky and its mirage.

The Moroccan light which was warm and welcoming.

Perhaps painted by the famous kimino of the area. And also compensated the patience of Stabasopoulos cinematography, and the rest of the team. They all putted its wonderful touch in this amazing video.

Beauty is a personal affair. Creating it, is your own piece of art. The bet for Stabasopoulos cinematography is to put its essence in a fashion film in Morocco. With such artistic quality and style, that will be capable of appealing to your matching target group.

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    Alex Stabasopoulos © 2019 - Wedding Video