Alexis & Christina
Destination: Crete
Wedding Film

Lesbian wedding video in Greece - The union of modern and tradition

Every love story is different and so Alexis’s and Christina’s were. This summer I have had the opportunity to be the videographer at a lesbian wedding in Greece. And more specifically in the beautiful island of Greece, Crete. I have to admit that it was one of the most unique and special weddings I have ever attempted.  This lesbian wedding video in Greece, it well combined the tradition and the modern era.

Let the story begin!

These two amazing girls, decided to unite their lives and seal their love for ever. Despite they residence in USA, Alexis and Christina wanted to be married at their beloved country in Greece. So, Crete was the ideal choice. The perfect combination of nature and traditional elements of the country, create the perfect setting for a fairytale wedding. The girls will now have additional beautiful memories of their birthplace. Since apart from their place of origin, Crete is now also the place where they sealed their love.

The main factors of a successful wedding

Thanks to the amazing host of the wedding venue Grecotel Agrecofarm, Alexis and Christina will always remember this perfect and breathtaking scene. The Cretan Vip Tours and travels took care of the transportation of all the wedding special guests. But without a great planning program, nothing would be the same.

A lesbian wedding video in Greece requires undoubtedly a very unique event which requires a great organization plan. And what could be more suitable than the wedding agency Poema Events. They have well organized everything with emphasize on every single detail. From the decoration of the venue, to the preparation of our two beautiful brides. The colorful flowers was provided by the Oneiranthi flower shop and the cocktails by the amazing The Vw Mobile bar. What characterizes a wedding is of course the wedding cake, for that reason the Sugmar Sugarpaste Cakes Rethymno, took care to create as a delicious cake as our brides were.

We can all know agree that music is one of the main factors that consist a successful wedding video, and especially for a lesbian wedding video in Greece. So, the Female String Duo accompanied the wedding ceremony with their talented skills of violin and cello, and Ultra Events – Dj Services amused all the participants at the wedding party. Lastly, Ds Events performed amazing dancing shows after the gay wedding ceremony and at the party, and gave the pulse to the whole event.

It's party time!

Our brides – the more the better!

Alexis and Christina were undeniably very charming. Thanks to the amazing make-up services of Glow Up Studio and the very talented hairdresser by Mrs Barber Chania, the two girls were like little princesses. I have to mention here that Alexis and Christina are two young successful enterpreneurs. They are the founders and owners by the cosmetic brand the Matriarchia, and as it was expected, all the make-up products was by their amazing brand.

Special lesbian wedding video in Greece

In order to visualize every single detail of the wedding day, Christos Manioros captured amazing photographs, and I tried to imprint all the celebration at this unique lesbian wedding video in Greece. It is always my pleasure to captivate your unique and special moments with  wedding video in Greece. And it was my honor to be the videographer of a lesbian wedding video in Greece.

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