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Angela and Nabil

Angela & Nabil
Destination Santorini

Nabil and Angela’s love is one that makes their wedding video in Santorini look like a farytale!

Nabil and Angela’s love is one that makes their wedding video in Santorini look like a farytale!

Their faces light up with deep smiles! Their eyes glowing from the fire, their skin shivers from the touch and the world is changing!

Both of them beautiful and bursting with love, they came from Australia to Santorini and lived their wedding like they dreamt it!

White and pink roses bloomed in the heart of the summer at La Maltese in Caldera. The scenerey looked paradise-like!

Above us the sky celebrated the warmest and brightest sun, while the sea looked surrendered to the mysterious miracle of the princess of Cyclades. And somewhere in between, Alex Stabasopoulos videography and cinematography team got inspired by the endless blue and the romantic white of the greek island!

The wedding ceremony made the hearts beat faster and found the two in-love ones exchanging sweet words, just before the ultimate “I do”!

A slow motion shot of the harp’s chords, aerial views of Santorini’s unparalleled beauty, images like from a painting with the sun giving its last rays and hiding behind the rock with the almost hanging whit houses and in fron of all that, the beautiful couple sharing its happiness with us, are just a few of the pieces of his lovely wedding video puzzle!

The wedding reception was so perfectly loose, the emotions for love, the party joy, fireworks and dance! Everything organized to the last detail by Poema!

The party didn’t stop here though! The next day the happy couple, after walking around the alleys of impressive Santorini and admiring the famous sunset at Oia. Also the breathtraking volcanic scenery – ideal canvas for Alex’s drones. They found their guests at a traditional tavern and had fun on eastern but also greek folk sounds!


Angela fulfilled all her dreams with him!

The three-day celebration could end anywhere else but in the waters of the Aegean. With a boat trip that added touches of underwater snapshots to this wedding video, that contained everything!

Nabil cannot recall his life before Angela and she fulfilled all her dreams with him! We wish you a sweet and beautiful life together!


    Alex Stabasopoulos © 2019 - Wedding Video