Wedding Video At Island Athens riviera
Hope & Mario
Destination Athens Island
Wedding Film

A wonderful multi-culti wedding video at Island Athens riviera that we especially enjoyed!

So, what happens when a Greek woman and an Italian man, who both live in Canada, decide to get married in Greece? From the first moments of the preparation to the last shot of the wedding party. Hope and Mario were stamping every capture of their wedding video at Island Athens riviera with their positive energy!

The ceremony took place at the small church of the Island Gallery,

a day full of summer that the sunlight was competing with the sparkle of the couple’s shiny smiles! The drone shooting was incumbent on the flawless scenery adding to the wedding videographer at Island Athens riviera frames of high artistic quality.

The wedding party that came after was having it all: elegant glamour, finezza, much of love and endless fun!

The girl confessed to her boy that he is the reason of her happiness and the boy promised to her that he will make her laugh for the rest of their lives!

We couldn’t see if the names under the bride’s one shoe were erased, but we ‘ll continue the wish that was written under the other one..! The best day of your life, so far, let always be... today!

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Wedding Video At Island Athens riviera


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