Tania & Arash
Destination: Santorini
Wedding Film

«Give your heart and soul to me And life will always be La vie en rose».

Tania and Arash enjoy life’s rose since the day they were met! Their love bloomed even when they shared it being away one from the other, since distance was always meaningless to them. So their wedding trailer in Santorini could be nothing less than a fairytale! Location of the thread unreeling of this: Santorini for sure!

The couple in love found in “Poema Weddings & Events” the ideal scriptwriter

to fit in one day their story, while our cameras and mainly our angle of view took over the creation of a wedding video that would bring to them wide smiles!

Preparations of the couple to be married were hugged by the love of their close friends and family.

They arrived at the island from all around the world! It was one of the last August afternoons at Santorini. The sweet  melancholy of the summer ending gifted to us an exquisite warm light for this wedding’s videography-cinematography.

The amazing chapel at breathtaking Thermes was everything they had dreamt about. The Aegean Sea colored the perfect canvas for our wedding shooting.

Tania and Arash we wish you keep on vitalizing your common dreams by never forgetting that sparkling eyes looks between you!

The party followed was equal to the story telling of the “happily ever after”. The sensation spread around was dressed at the floral pink of the protagonists’ love. Into this ambience of romanticism and sweetness, bride’s dad gave in his princess under the condition of.. exchanging soon with a descendant! On the other hand, the gorgeous guests never quit dancing to Greek traditional music among others!

The ball of thread unrolled like the ribbon of our camera in vintage times and the capturing of the fairytale wedding trailer in Santorini by a wedding cinematographer finished with fireworks at the sky!


    Alex Stabasopoulos © 2019 - Wedding Video