Natalie & Firas
Destination Santorini
Wedding Film

For Natalie and Firas we prepared a particularly impressive cinematic wedding video

as their own special day could not be captured on camera in anything less than that! The beautiful couple dreamt their wedding in Santorini and “Poema” was there to fulfill in the best way every wish they had!
Thus, the material we gained as videographers-wedding cinematographers was so hearty, that we had to deal with the difficult choice of the best moments for this wedding video teaser!

The scenery was breathtaking: the blue canvas that was created by the Aegean

was switching to the soft orange color of the sunset as time passed, while the sky looked like it was being connected to the sea somewhere at the line of sight. The digital recording of the thousands of colors and the atmosphere they created was a real challenge for the video shooting of the moment!

This wedding
had everything!

Saxophones, violins, cellos and guitars, balloons at the sky, synchronized swimmers presenting their program in the swimming pool, fireworks, smashing dishes as a contribute to the Greek hospitality, a lot of dancing under the music and songs of the Arabic band and last but not least.. love, love, love!

Natalie and Firas, we wish you to keep for a lifetime this endless fun and joy that you shared with us in Santorini!


    Alex Stabasopoulos © 2019 - Wedding Video