Marisa & Sean
Destination Santorini
Wedding Film

«Your heart will be my refuge and your hug will be my home»,

are some of the love words Sean gave Marisa a sweet September noon, though he had already kept his word before he even promised her!

The loving couple met on a blind date a common friend set up for them and this unique relationship started to bloom among laughter, love, happy moments but also understanding, respect and tenderness.

They chose majestic Santorini as their hearts' wedding destination,

they invited their loved ones to celebrate with them and they enjoyed the overwhelming wine of their wedding day to the last drop. Besides, when love is shared, it multiplies, as Marisa said on her emotional wedding vow.

The first party has held at Pyrgos restaurant in Santorini, where the couple made sure their friends enjoyed the local hospitality in the best possible way. Traditional songs, plate-breaking and lots of dancing gave the very special character of a wedding in Greece.

The wedding day was the reason that brought to the heart of the Aegean

a happy company from the other side of the world and the greek sun made sure it created the ideal conditions to make it unforgetable!

The location was set at Rocabella Hotel Santorini and videographer Alex Stabasopoulos went on to fit the unparalleled beauty of the island to his frames, the love and warmth that flooded the looks between the couple but also the emotions and joy of the guests of that wedding ceremony. Using HD cameras he created a high quality wedding video, colored with the amazing blue of Santorini's sky and sea, but also with the stunning white of Sean and Marisa's wedding.

The vows, the wedding rings and the kisses sealed the ceremony and the time had come for another party, as the night shined within awesome fireworks!

Alex's drones and their spectacular shots from above, took this wedding video sky high!

How can anybody leave this Cycladic paradise whithout diving in the waters of Thirasias that carry the history of the island's creation? The next day shots hold no secrets! Countless dives, music, fun, with the volcano's energy leaving no choices... everybody will come back to Santorini!


    Alex Stabasopoulos © 2019 - Wedding Video