Louisa & Tom
Destination Spetses
Wedding Film

A couple in love, crazy and happy, a priest with a great sense of humor

and all the friends and relatives who came with a heart full of love, starred in a uniquely explosive wedding in Spetses!

Tom and Louisa decided to join their lives in a lovely estate on the island of scents, L ‘Isola de Spezzia, in the heart of the summer, and share with us this special day, through their wedding video, the creation of which trusted in “Alex Stabasopoulos wedding videography-cinematography”.

Having different origins, hers from Greece and Cyprus, his from England, they found the way to trace their own path,

starting from this small, cosmopolitan island of Argosaronikos! Holding each other’s hand, they made their wedding day look like a romantic musical, and wedding videographer Alex, with his cameras on hand, transformed the beautiful moments to the images of their wedding film!

The wedding ceremony took place in the middle of laughter and teasing,

but also in words of tender and sincere looks, giving this wedding video the essence of its celebration. Honeymooners and guests accompanied the band’s live music by singing “I want to hold your hand”, and the choice of, real time, with natural sound, presentation of the moment, in the wedding trailer, brings us, in the most beautiful way, the amazing spirit of the big bunch! And when the time came for the “I pronounce you husband and wife” line, the movie party got fire!

Tom and Luisa thank you for your trust, and we wish every day of your life to have the passion of love that we saw in you on your wedding day!

The couples house, built on green canvas, on the top of a cliff overlooking the Aegean, was still a source of inspiration for the wedding cinematographer! Using his drones, he added splashes of images of the wedding venue from above, taking off the aesthetic quality of this wedding video! Shots captured in the daylight, as well as under the amazing night sky that flashed from the fireworks, blended flawlessly with the mad, on-the-ground moments of the newlyweds and their loved ones, who shared the joy of love celebration and danced with their soul!


    Alex Stabasopoulos © 2019 - Wedding Video