Jordan & Bree
Destination: Santorini
Wedding Film

"Saxophones of spring in the lava of your heart, your hair was untied and summer… Santa-Peace !!" (HP Katsimicha - Santorini)

Many consider Santorini the most romantic place in the world. For others, again, romance is in every look of love and is expressed in the simplest things, no matter the place. Jordan and Bree from Australia, found a way to agree with everyone! They are as much in love as their wet eyes declare when they look at each other. Thus, the touches of white houses, Aegean blue, sunny Greek breeze and the pink sunset of Santorini. They decided that it was the ideal setting for the day of the exchange of their vows! The wedding videographer in Santorini took advantage of it for a very special wedding video!

The wedding ceremony was perfectly organized to the last detail for their guests and was definitely worth every mile of the trip!

The bride was beautiful, shining in the Cycladic light! The groom was waiting for her, always having a little sea in his eyes and a hug full of love and their little princess! And then came the vows of love, which were sealed with the cool breeze of the island. The melodies of the lyre and the violin and the tears of their loved ones!

The wonderful wedding was celebrated in every way!

The sailing ride was enjoyable and the dives in the clear blue waters of the Aegean are inevitable! The party in Ammoudi came to take off the fun! Oriental shows, Greek traditional island bands, plenty of champagne, amazing food, and lots of dancing, laughter, love!

When the time of your wedding video comes, just leave it to a located wedding videographer in Santorini!

In this island, however, you can never stop breathing its special energy. The picturesque alleys with the white houses, in the churches with the blue domes, in the magnificent view that stretches before you and takes your breath away! The loving couple knew this when they chose Santorini for their destination wedding. They let themselves loose to live their wedding days there, like they were the protagonists in the sweetest romance movie by wedding videographer in Santorini. If you enjoy Jordan & Bree you may also like Marisa's & Sean's Wedding video in Santorini


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