Glamorous Wedding in Santorini
Oana & Mihai
Destination: Santorini
Year: 2021
Wedding Film

A Glamorous Wedding in Santorini: The Island of Seduction

A wonderful journey begins! Love has knocked on your door and you could not resist his entrance to your heart. It doesn't matter if you tried to escape or if you were waiting for it. And what is important is that its momentum dominated, it subjugated you. Your intimate feelings for your mate lead you to say … "yes". The "I do" that will unite your lives. Love is wild, enchanting, and yet sweet and tender, my dear! Just like Santorini! The place that this glamorous wedding took place…

A Unique Island for a Magical Wedding!

It is no coincidence that so many couples from all over the world choose to unite their lives on this blessed island. Is it God or Nature that has generously offered this impeccable beauty? Each one of us can make up his mind according to his personal belief. Everyone admits, though, that this island is a small Paradise. It is a place where you can meet a great variety of different images. Countless color combinations, alternations of landscapes, and overwhelming scents! Your senses receive a deluge of stimuli that manage to stir you up.

The enchanting landscapes seduce the mind and the heart. Wild landscapes, with endless beauty! The volcanic rock of the island reflects the rays of the sun during the day making the lighting truly unique. Dark shades combined with the bright ones, in a very interesting game. They create the perfect setting for an unforgettable glamorous wedding in Santorini!

The view from the caldera fills your soul with color. The seductive deep blue of the Aegean Sea floods you, travels you, and empties the mind from any concern. That's why Oana and Mihai chose Santorini! At Cavo Ventus Luxury Villa they found the space that is right for them to get married. The view is breathtaking, making you feel wild freedom. Where the sea ends starts the sky, making it impossible for the eye to distinguish their borders. Just like the bride and the groom. Two young people unite as one in the face of magnificent nature!

Glamorous Wedding in Santorini

A Princess & A Gentleman

The beauties of the island are so many that truly excite me! But most importantly, the couple got also excited with them! This glamorous wedding in Santorini was inspired by the boho style expressed in a chic version. The image of the bride was special thanks to the bridal dress from the Loulou brand. An airy presence that combined youthfulness and elegance most successfully. A V-neck wedding dress with sheer parts, adorned with shiny yet discreet pearls. 

Marianna Nomikou and Edith Radu took care of her hair and make-up, creating an intimate look. The earthy shades and the hairstyle with loose waves gave a distinct freshness and vitality to the bride's look. The sweet hues of the make-up were reminiscent of the beautiful colors of the sunset in Santorini. If you choose to have your wedding there, you will understand what I am talking about. Jimmy Choo's shoes perfectly complemented the image, making it super-stylish! But a woman who knows how to be feminine leaves her fragrant imprint. Oana chose Delina Exclusif by Parfums de Marly to make the sweetest impression!

Such a beautiful woman could not fail to be accompanied by an equally gorgeous man! Mihai entrusted his grooming image to the Tudor Tailor brand. He preferred a suit in a black tint combined with a bow tie. A classic look with touches of fresh and modern elements! He also chose his fragrance from the Parfums de Marly brand, Layton Exclusif. A woody fragrance you cannot forget. The presences of the protagonists coexisted so harmoniously. Two fresh faces, shining with excitement and love!

Glamorous Wedding in Santorini

A Touching Ceremony with A Magnificent View

All the details of this glamorous wedding in Santorini were organized by Poema Weddings & Events, creating a truly wonderful experience. The ceremony took place in front of the verdant arch, which masterfully combined the green color of the greenery with the white blossoms. A beautiful image that had as background the blue of the Aegean Sea. The bridal bouquet was equally elegant. Quiet yet wonderful. The Calla Lilies are typical for their beauty and their special symbolism. As well as they are resilient and associated with purity, love, and fertility. Lily goes back several centuries. Also, there are references from the Ancient Egyptians and Romans to the Ancient Greeks. A flower with sanctity and special character. Many associate it with the renewal of the soul. This is why it is used in this great moment of a new start!

So, in front of this wonderful symbol of the arch, the perpetual circle, the couple exchanged their vows and their wedding rings from Cartier. It seemed like a mystical ritual that only whoever was there could feel the true connection of these two souls. Having this panoramic view as the ideal setting. They were protagonists of their own love story. Memories of joy and emotion will come to life every time they see their wedding video.

 A discreet luxury was pervasive in space. A feeling that came not only from the amazing decoration and the magnificent villa that hosted the event but also from nature itself. The richness of colors and elements created a balanced result. Images of bliss. Images that allow the mind to rejoice and deeply carve out the memories that accompany the experience.

A Wonderful Wedding Party Under the Moon

The ceremony was followed by a reception held in the same place, the Cavo Ventus Luxury Villa. The guests had the opportunity to dine, drink and dance having in front of their eyes breathtaking images! Images that word seems poor to describe! The party was wonderful, the décor simple and at the same time impressive. And the attendees seemed to enjoy their moments under the magnificent summer moon of that warm evening. The DJ and music producer Elias PLM added the musical touch of the night. My camera recorded smiles and happiness.

Make The Next Step by Organizing Your Glamorous Wedding in Santorini

The options on the island of Santorini are countless. You can arrange your wedding as you dream of. Romantic, glamorous, boho, chic. Whatever your style, this island is perfect for you! There are plenty of places where one of them will work also for you! 

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