Diala & Marc

Marc & Diala
Destination Athens

A wedding video
in cosmopolitan Athens!

Athens is the capital of Greece and a bustling city. For Marc and Diala, it was also a great wedding destination. You all have dreamed about it. However, for Marc and Diala, the dream came true. Our lovely couple came from Dubai to celebrate their love and life together with their friends and family. Their wedding was truly magical and put an original twist on the classic ceremony. Although it was a never-ending party, it also had touches of good, old romance. The Alex Stabasopoulos videographer was there to capture every single detail. As a result, an enchanting wedding video in Athens was born. And we really take pride in it.

Happiness, tears, laughter and songs!

Close your eyes and imagine. The cosmopolitan and Mediterranean vibes of Athens. Its perfect weather. Your best friends and closest family. Your better half. What else could you ask for?

Athens is a wedding destination full of options and endless possibilities. Having that in mind, our wedding couple arranged a bespoke pre-wedding and wedding party in Athens. They chose the farm for their alternative pre-wedding party. Close to nature and really care-free, both the couple and their lovely guests had the time of their lives. The weather and natural light was also ideal. We took a few lovely shots to use for their unique wedding trailer. Moreover, the pre-wedding film in Athens totally captured the mood of the day.

The preparation of the wedding couple took place at the luxurious Caravel hotel. In an atmosphere of happiness, tears, laughter and songs, the couple stuck to their traditional wedding preparation rituals. It was our mission to create a wedding video that was set in Athens but also had the vibes of Dubai everywhere in it.

The night came and the wedding couple moved the action by the seaside. The majestic Athenian Riviera became the setting for an incomparable and cosmopolitan wedding video. No doubt that the Athenian Riviera is one of the top wedding locations in Athens. However, the couples give the place a different color each time. In earthy and white tones, this was a truly elegant wedding. Romantic but still with loads of fun! During the night there was a lot of dancing, moving speeches and love all around.

Do you also dream of your extraordinary wedding video in Athens? Please feel free to watch Marc’s and Diala’s enchanting wedding trailer and get inspired!

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